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    05/23/2019 08:07 AM
    “We left steady jobs and the city to move to the mountains”
    At the age of 30, Martina and Andrea decided to reject the idea of a steady job. The couple from Bolzano decided to take over a summer mountain refuge on Mount Mendola. Their dream will come true when the season starts, at 1,073 metres above sea level
    05/14/2019 09:13 AM
    De Rossi set to leave Roma: “The end of an era”
    Announcement made on Roma’s official website. Last match on 26 May against Parma at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico before leaving to play in the US
    04/30/2019 09:52 AM
    Court condemns “exorbitant costs” of Pompeii restoration
    Court of Auditors convicts former site commissioner Marcello Fiori: “Making the most of an historical asset cannot mean merely ‘exploiting’ it for business purposes”
    04/10/2019 09:07 PM
    Benedikt XVI: Die Kirche und der Skandal des sexuellen Mißbrauchs
    Dies ist der lange Artikel, den der emeritierte Papst Benedikt XVI in Form von Notizen zum sexuellen Missbrauch in der katholischen Kirche verfasst hat. Es ist eine gründliche und gnadenlose Analyse der Entstehung und Verbreitung dieses Verbrechens auch in der kirchlichen Welt. Ein Verbrechen, das aus einem so schwer zu bekämpfenden «moralischen Zusammenbruch» entstanden ist. Joseph Ratzingers Reflexion deckt ein halbes Jahrhundert Geschichte ab und wird im deutschen Monatsblatt «Klerusblatt» veröffentlicht. Corriere della Sera hatte den exklusiven Text für Italien, den wir den Lesern anbieten.
    04/10/2019 09:05 PM
    Benedict XVI: The Church and the Scandal of sexual abuse
    This is the long article that the Pope emeritus, Benedict XVI, wrote in the form of notes on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. It is a thorough and merciless analysis of how this crime was born and spread even in the ecclesiastical world. A crime which is the child of a «moral collapse», and always so difficult to fight. Joseph Ratzinger’s reflection covers half a century of history, and will be published by the German monthly Klerusblatt. Corriere della Sera offers to its readers the exclusive text for Italy
    04/10/2019 05:24 AM
    Candreva offers to pay for poor children’s school meals
    In a primary school in Minerbe, young Moroccan girl whose parents were in arrears with school meal payments was only given tuna and crackers for lunch
    04/09/2019 10:12 AM
    In the footsteps of Father Paolo Dall’Oglio
    On 29 July 2013 he arrived in Raqqa. He had an appointment with the leaders of IS, who had just taken over, and of whom the world at the time knew nothing. He was never seen again
    04/08/2019 09:42 AM
    Italy syndrome, in the clinic of our carers

    04/05/2019 09:33 AM
    Stefano Leo’s killer should already have been in prison
    The killer was given a prison sentence in May 2018, but was still free when he committed the murder on 23 February 2019
    04/03/2019 09:48 AM
    Lorella and Rosy, Navy brides who “would love to adopt”

    04/01/2019 09:02 AM
    Sports channels offered by digital TV pirate networks
    Servers located abroad and control-dodging software promote the spread of systems to circumvent payment for business worth €200 million a year in Italy
    03/21/2019 12:55 PM
    School bus hijacker found to have criminal record
    Ousseynou Sy, the 46-year-old driver who hijacked a bus carrying 51 schoolchildren and teachers, and then set it on fire, had previous conviction for child abuse
    03/01/2019 09:20 AM
    Catherine Spaak “was bullied on Italian film sets”
    “On the set of the film Brancaleone I was the victim of unpleasant episodes. And of harassment when shooting other films. In 1963, they took away my daughter from me: for the judge, being an actress was tantamount to being a prostitute”
    02/27/2019 08:44 AM
    Ever-present mother crochets at trial over daughter’s death
    Emanuela, one of the 32 victims of the Viareggio railway disaster, died ten years ago. Her mother Daniela attends every hearing of the trial: “I crochet because I need to concentrate on something that distracts me slightly from some of the words and arguments I hear in the courtroom”
    02/21/2019 09:02 AM
    War reporter Gabriele Micalizzi recounts brush with death
    Italian reporter hit by IS grenade in Barghuz, Syria: “My camera shielded me. I have put things in perspective”
    02/20/2019 07:00 AM
    Five banks investigated and €700m seized over diamond scam
    Victims of fraud include rock star Vasco Rossi and other celebrities. Banco BPM, Unicredit, Intesa Sanpaolo, MPS and Banca Aletti are involved in the inquiry, along with the two companies IDB and DPI, for aggravated fraud and money laundering. Rossi reportedly invested €2.5m. Customers also included Federica Panicucci, Simona Tagli and industrialist Diana Bracco
    02/19/2019 03:00 AM
    Matteo Renzi’s parents under house arrest
    Tiziano Renzi and Laura Bovoli charged with fraudulent insolvency and issuing false invoices, “maliciously” causing three cooperatives to go under after having emptied their coffers. List of suspects also includes former driver of camper van used by Matteo Renzi when campaigning in PD leadership primaries
    02/18/2019 09:01 AM
    Italy forced to take back IS foreign fighters
    Fighters from Italy have not climbed up the hierarchies of the Caliphate. Deaths among foreign fighters from Italy particularly high. One man and two women held by Kurds
    02/15/2019 09:54 AM
    Enrico, from catering college to MIT
    Linguist, 32, from Iglesias in Sardinia, is working in field of artificial intelligence. “I just went to a catering college, not a high school, and got through university thanks to scholarships. I paid for my time abroad as an Erasmus student with compensation I received after an accident”
    02/14/2019 09:41 AM
    Di Maio “overstepped mark”, says French foreign minister
    French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian: “We see Franco-Italian friendship as an asset to be protected”


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